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Arts and culture
Birmingham’s culture is internationally renowned; it is the only English city outside of London to have its own symphony orchestra, ballet and opera company. Birmingham also has impressive museums, with the world’s largest collection of Pre-Raphaelite art and world-class performances across three theatres.

Birmingham has one of the largest shopping centres in the UK located right in the heart of the city. There are more than 160 shops to explore, including the iconic department store Selfridges.

There are markers of Birmingham’s long and prestigious heritage across the city, from the Industrial Revolution through periods of enlightenment and innovation. This heritage still impacts the city’s pioneering spirit today through world-class scientific and technological advancements.

Being home to four Michelin-starred restaurants and the UK’s best street-food event, the city’s food reputation is growing. The city’s culinary scene offers nearly 30 cuisines, food events and the very best local-produce markets. There are numerous restaurants within walking distance of the university, as well as catering facilities in the student accommodations.

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